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 Knox Sewer Service has repaired over 55,000 sewer lines in the Bay Area over the last 50 years. We give free estimates and will match ANY written estimate (reasonable). We have hi-tech leak location equipment and video recorders which enable us to spot repair, only replacing the affected area. We offer the best value in the Bay Area- call us now find out why we come highly recommended. 


(As of Jan 16, 2012)

A number of East Bay Cities and Sanitary Districts require that sewer laterals be inspected and brought into compliance as a part of the sale of property or remodel over $100,000. A recent court order has require the cities of Oakland, Emeryville, Piedmont, Berkeley, Alameda, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito and the Richmond Annex of the City of Richmond to require homeowners to fix or upgrade their sewer lines when:

1-Prior to selling the property
2-When obtaining any permit from the construction or modification of the property estimated to be greater than $100,000
3-When increasing or decreasing EBMUD water service that requires a change in meter size

These EBMUD requirements will only affect properties in the EBMUD wastewater service area in Emeryville, Oakland, and Piedmont. The cities of Alameda, Albany, Berkeley and the Stege Sanitary District (which serves Kensington, the City of El Cerrito and a portion of the City of Richmond) have local private sewer lateral ordinances already in effect. It is not known whether existing requirements in several cities which already have such requirements will be strengthened. Sellers and Buyers are advised to check with the local Building Inspection Department or Sanitary District for more information.

Knox Sewers is a full service sewer company and we save our customers money. We are fully equipped to handle all services required to bring you up to compliance without subcontracting and adding additional fees.

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Knox Sewers is currently offering Trenchless Sewer Service. Trenchless Sewer repair is a modern technique that is used by digging two small bell holes to insert a new sewer lateral using  pipe bursting equipment by performing this method reduces damage to lawn, flowerbeds, walkways and etc.



In some cases, the sewer lateral cannot be replaced by using the trenchless method. The following condition can prevent installation by trenchless method: off-sets in the lateral, enormous amount of root intrusion, etc. Knox Sewers is equipped to provide all services pertaining to sewer repair.

We provide all excavation Service: Land Clearing, demolition, debris clean up, tree removal. land leveling, stump removal, hole and trench digging (gas,water,etc) and driveways.

Dump truck is available for all jobs if needed.

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House Drainage System & Rooter Service


Water that leaves your roof can cause all sorts of problems if it is not collected and piped away from the house.

An average one floor house might have approximately 2,400 square feet of surface area on the roof. When a storm produces one inch of rain, the amount of water draining from the roof to the ground equals nearly 1,500 gallons!

Allowing this water to simply collect near the house or discharge from down spouts onto simple splash blocks at the base of a foundation is asking for trouble.

To eliminate standing water problems around your house your foundation must be waterproof. Foundation drainage codes require a natural slope away from the house for water flow. Drain pipes, downspouts or a sump pump also can pipe water away from the house.

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Knox Sewers provides sewer and drain line cleaning service. We have a vast selection of sewer snakes and jetters to get the job done.

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